ECO / Environmental Awareness

Prevention is the most important principle that drives us in our operations and keeps us on the route that leads to the maintenance of human values. Environmental awareness is a priority for our company. Our production technology is environment friendly, and we strive to minimize the use of environmentally harmful materials.

We have other methods as well in place to minimize environmental impact. We have implemented measures (e.g., environmental impact assessment on the basis of the FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - method) which also have an indirect positive effect on our environment and also help us to economize in our activities.

Our company obtained the ISO 14001:2015 certificate and we have established our environmental protection policy in line with this accreditation (pdf in Hungarian language).

We would like to disseminate this environmental awareness as a general philosophy, since it helps us move beyond the mere observance of standards towards the protection and maintenance of our planet. This is a responsibility we observe during our every-day activities and it is an integral part of our philosophy of life.